Rapid payer research

Accelerate your payer understanding

Our Rapid Payer Research facilitates timely and cost-effective gathering of insights from a global list of 950+ vetted ex-payers, policy makers and KOLs. We help our clients throughout the lifecycle of their assets with our proven versatile, flexible, and budget-friendly solution. We unlock the full potential of your asset by making timely decisions with our quick results and analysis.


Advantages of using rapid payer research

Timely insights

Time saving compared to traditional methods allowing for rapid decision making facilitated by quick insights.

Budget friendly

A fraction of the time and cost of a traditional payer research. Extremely affordable and suitable for a range of budgets.

Flexible, global, and versatile

A multi-lingual, flexible solution for any stage in the product lifecycle. It enables our clients to adjust their market access strategies proactively and make informed decisions quickly.

We leverage our proprietary cloud-based platform, iAdBoard®, which is the ideal tool for global access to thought leaders and policy makers:

  • Fast and easy set-up – already translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (15+ Native languages spoken with Lifescience Dynamics team)
  • Easy to adapt
  • Language flexibility with ability to run simultaneous parallel boards
  • Intuitive and friendly interface to facilitate deeper payer engagement
  • Rapid results with robust and timely insights

Given the dynamic and rapidly-changing competitive landscape, regulatory environment and access policies and reimbursement drivers, it is essential to be well informed in order to make timely decisions and proactively plan throughout the product lifecycle.

However, it is not always necessary or feasible to conduct research that takes months or that requires large investment. Instead, rapid and cost-effective payer research can support timely decisions.

Rapid payer research can be instrumental at various stages of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle:

Business development and licensing (BD&L)

A pharmaceutical company is considering acquiring or licensing a late-stage drug candidate from a biotechnology firm to expand its portfolio. The company’s BD&L team needs to evaluate the potential acquisition or licensing opportunity to promptly make a go/no-go decision.

Rapid Payer Research can support due diligence activities through:

  • Gathering insights into payer attitudes, coverage policies, and reimbursement expectations for similar therapies in the target therapeutic area.
  • Comparing the market access profile of the drug candidate with competing therapies already on the market or in late-stage development.
  • Testing the drug candidate’s differentiation, value proposition and access advantages compared to existing treatments.
  • Analysing pricing benchmarks, evidence requirements, and payer decision drivers for the target indication.
  • Testing potential pricing and assessing reimbursement challenges.

Early development phase

A pharmaceutical company is developing a novel therapy for a rare disease and needs to understand payer evidence requirements early in the development process to inform clinical trial design.

Rapid Payer Research can help early-stage planning and decision-making with:

  • Understanding unmet needs and payer evidence expectations to inform evidence generation plans that incorporate the asset’s Market Access strategy.

Pre-launch phase

A pharmaceutical company is preparing to launch a new specialty drug in Europe and wants to understand pricing potential across various countries.

Rapid Payer Research can inform Global and country-specific Market Access strategies:

  • Assessing payer attitudes to the product profile across several countries, can help with optimizing the global access strategy for the product as well as help with tailoring access strategy and pricing for each country and inform launch sequencing.

Post-launch phase

A pharmaceutical company has launched a new oncology drug and needs to monitor payer coverage decisions and formulary placements.

Rapid Payer Research can be a tool for monitoring opportunities and threats:

  • Conducting short and rapid payer research regularly can help with tracking changes in payer policies, utilization management strategies, and patient access pathways to identify emerging opportunities or challenges and adjust market access tactics accordingly.

Lifecycle management

A pharmaceutical company is planning to expand the indication for an existing drug and needs to understand payer perspectives on the expanded use.

Rapid Payer Research can inform LCM strategies by:

  • Assessing payer attitudes, evidence requirements, and coverage considerations for the new indication, and to understand the implications on current pricing, so that the regulatory and access strategies are refined to ensure optimal pricing and reimbursement.

Emerging markets expansion

A pharmaceutical company is exploring opportunities to expand into emerging markets and needs to understand payer dynamics and access challenges in these regions.

Rapid Payer Research can identify opportunities and inform strategies:

  • Assessing payer landscapes, regulatory frameworks, and market access barriers in target emerging markets, including pricing and reimbursement policies, health technology assessment processes, and patient access pathways can help with market segmentation, prioritization and determine optimal market entry strategies.

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