Our proprietary, web-based platform IntelliCentral allows all intelligence reporting and can be tailored to suit your needs. IntelliCentral will be the nexus for any CI project; a single place for all intelligence, documents and photos, available at any time.

IntelliCentral Features


Dashboards help users quickly visualise and share intelligence. Spot trends and identify new KITS and KIQs. Proactively take remedial actions to mitigate risks.

Intelligence Archive

Archive gives clients access to raw, primary intelligence that has been collected, straight from the analyst. Raw data collected into a database can be viewed altogether and analysed.

Document Repository

Document repository manages your content and gives you access anytime, from anywhere. Vital documents such as monthly updates and asset summaries in one place.

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery allows easy photo and video sharing, helping to keep them organised. Ideal for sharing photos from conferences.

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