iAdboard® is a web based virtual discussion platform. It harnesses the power of the collective thinking of physicians, payers, patients and experts. iAdboard® is a real alternative to the traditional methods of focus groups and advisory boards.

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Focus groups and advisory boards at your fingertips

Product opportunity assessment

  • TPP and clinical design testing
  • Value assessment of new products
  • Identification of evidence gaps
  • Value message development and testing
  • Pressure test P&R strategy

Competition tracking

  • Launch performance tracker
  • Competitor strategy assessment

iAdBoard®: An online solution for traditional research

Deeper insight

High-quality recruits

Time efficiency


Global reach

User-friendly interface

iAdBoard® Features

  • Observer mode: Secured client-observer account to access and follow the discussions live
  • Data collection tools: Heat maps, surveys, rankings and media sharing features ensure the most accurate answers
  • File sharing: Unlimited storage capacity to maximise file sharing and easy file upload
  • Friendly interface: Compatible with any device, our user-friendly interface enables easier recruitment and maximise respondent input
  • Security: Anonymous user identity, secure login and server

Research done your way - one platform with everything you need!

Greater depth of insight

Greater depth of insight compared with TDIs Highly efficient qualitative and semi-qualitative data collection approach: Deeper, more considered responses, easy set-up, easier recruitment and lower costs.

Overcome logistical challenges

Overcome logistical challenges with on-site debate. Respondents are able to integrate research into their everyday lives. Topics of interest are posted every day. Respondents contemplate topics and consult colleagues.

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