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Healthcare resources are under significant budgetary pressure. Ageing populations, a rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases, and additional healthcare spending during the pandemic have all put a strain on healthcare systems. While pharma is experiencing a wave of innovations, the top are constantly being challenged by smaller, more agile biotech companies capable of disrupting the healthcare market.

Standing out in this hyper-competitive market requires life science companies to out-manoeuvre others by tracking their competitors’ moves. Sustained leadership is driven by accurate, credible, and timely intelligence on competitor activities. Leaders creating new opportunities in healthcare are those that provide cutting-edge technological developments through perpetual innovation and avoid the mistakes made by their competition.

Since 2004, Lifescience Dynamics has helped companies across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech sectors to look around the corneruncover their blind spots, and map the future intent of their competition. Our team helps them reach ambitious goals, make better strategic decisions to improve business performance, and create greater value for their shareholders.

Lifescience Dynamics’ competitive intelligence (CI) provides a forward-looking approach to predict the future market through a variety of secondary and primary sources. We have a proven track record of extracting high-value, high-impact intelligence in an ever-changing market landscape. Our insights prepare our clients to anticipate future trends, formulate strategies, and protect and maximise their assets. Our CI services accelerate a company’s ability to identify emerging threats or commercial opportunities through strategic and tactical decision-making.

Secondary intelligence

We conduct systematic interrogation, collating and analysing data that has already been collected or generated to provide high-value intelligence. Our secondary analysis triangulates across various sources including the public domain and a vast range of paid databases. Proprietary tools such as DynamicTracker allow us to accurately and efficiently track changes in clinical trials in real time and identify key new studies.

We have perfected the art of deciphering earnings calls and alert writing to enable timely communication of key events to our stakeholders. Our team is highly-skilled and well-trained in both scientific & commercial disciplines. They uncover patterns and spot trends to bring vast, unstructured, and conflicting data alive. Our teams proactively deliver both tactical and strategic support in complex competitive environments through their unique blend of expertise and strategic focus across most therapy areas.

Primary intelligence

We collect and analyse targeted human intelligence, leveraging key stakeholders to build a detailed map of competitors, markets, or customers. We collect intelligence in person at medical conferences and/or remotely. Our team comprises MSc and PhD holders who communicate in over 15 languages as native speakers, which helps us to strike up a rapport with our sources. We apply ethical elicitation methods, which have been tested and proven to extract difficult-to-access information that is not in the public domain. Our team triangulates and carefully vets each piece of information, connecting the dots to convert actionable insights into strategic foresight that empowers our clients to succeed.

Our CI engagements are designed to suit your needs:

  • Ad hoc / Deep dive
  • Conference coverage and intelligence
  • Monitoring – Annual ongoing CI support for scientific, clinical & commercial
  • Competitor simulations (war games)
  • Strategy workshops

What sets us apart?

Elevated primary human intelligence

Since 2004, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-value, high-impact primary human intelligence. Our intelligence is collected ethically from our wide embedded source networks built over decades. Every piece of intelligence is triangulated and vetted for accuracy, credibility, relevance, and timeliness.

Comprehensive medical conference coverage

Each year we cover more than 60 medical conferences and have perfected the art of conference CI. We offer flexible, tailored conference coverage, where we collect both primary and secondary intelligence. Our consultants have built a strong rapport with world-leading experts across therapeutic areas. We leverage our proprietary DynamicPlannerapplication to help us quickly create accurate conference planners.

Holistic market overview & thought partnership

Operating across four practice areas, our team is uniquely positioned to leverage synergies beyond CI and provide tailored insights and recommendations.Our business acumen is driven by our in-depth understanding of market dynamics and strong therapy area knowledge. Our team presents complex data clearly and intuitively, adapting our analysis, foresight, and actionable recommendations to your situation. Our reports are factually correct, action-focused, graphical, and C-suite-ready.

Create complete and tangible representations of complex data

DynamicsView brings your data to life, this all-in-one data visualisation platform is a perfect tool to develop successful business strategies based on “one-version-of-the-truth” data analytics platform using a bespoke competitor profiling intelligence dashboard tool.

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