Brian Trantow, PhD joined Lifescience Dynamics in 2020 as an Engagement Manager. Brian comes with 7 years of experience partnering with global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to inform their clinical and commercial development plans.

Prior to joining Lifescience Dynamics, Brian utilized primary market research to help pharmaceutical clients evaluate the evolving market landscape and identify opportunities, risks, and development strategies for their pipeline assets. Through this work he acquired broad experience across qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies informing commercial opportunity, customer segmentation, positioning and messaging.

Brian earned his B.S. in Chemistry at Yale University, and later completed a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Stanford University. His thesis research focused on the design, synthesis, and evaluation of molecular scaffolds that could enable delivery of drugs and probes across biological barriers. He has published this work in variety of peer-reviewed scientific journals and holds two US patents for these technologies.

Brian is based in our San Francisco, West Coast office.