Our team is characterised by exceptional academic and professional expertise in a variety of fields and therapy areas.

Rafaat Rahmani

Rafaat Rahmani, MBA
President & Founder

Location: London, UK

Alfred Reszka

Alfred Reszka, PhD
CBO and Global head of CI

Location: New York, US

Steve Dunn

Steve Dunn, MBA
VP and Head of Consulting

Location: London, UK

Kuljit Rana

Kuljit Rana, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Location: London, UK

Josh Meyrick

Josh Meyrick, MA, ACA
Finance Manager

Location: London, UK

Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly, PhD

Location: San Francisco, US

Rachele Saccon

Rachele Saccon, PhD
Engagement Manager

Location: London, UK

Katarzyna Koczula

Katarzyna Koczula, PhD
Engagement Manager

Location: London, UK

Kyasha Sri Ranjan

Kyasha Sri Ranjan, PhD
Engagement Manager

Location: Toronto, Canada

Alberto Briones

Alberto Briones, PhD
Engagement Manager

Location: London, UK

Vin Gokhale

Vin Gokhale, MD, MBA
Engagement Manager

Location: London, UK

Natasha Malik

Natasha Malik, PhD
Engagement Manager

Location: London, UK

Our people

Lifescience Dynamics is a collection of the brightest and  best minds in life science disciplines, and our team is passionate about their love of biological sciences. We share a central vision of defeating life-threatening diseases, beating viruses, and preventing pandemics.

All our consulting team members hold advanced degrees and nearly 75% hold PhDs from the world’s top ranked universities. Our team are natural problem solvers and creative thinkers and they are able to channel their talents to help bring new therapeutics and prophylaxis to the market, making a difference every day.

We are a global company, comprised of imaginative, pragmatic individuals who embrace innovative thinking and collaboration as they work to help accelerate life-saving therapeutics and medical technologies.

It is only with the passion, determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients, generate long-term value for our shareholders and contribute to the broader public.

We have a philosophy of one company, one agenda and we share a desire to make an impact in the world.

Ranking in’s 25 Best Consulting Companies to work for and Great Places to Work certified 2022, we are a compassionate company and place premium importance on inclusivity, empowerment, respect and teamwork. We are caring in our employee approach and committed to our provision of job security, stability and growth opportunities for employees.

Our leadership

Our diverse, experienced and visionary leadership team brings a wide range of different expertise to the table, all to meet a single mission – making Lifescience Dynamics a great company to work for. The leadership team focus on enhancing and growing the Company’s culture, learning, diversity, development, professional growth, compensation, benefits and perks. The leadership team subscribes to the philosophy that our people are our most valuable asset. They also work to uphold the highest ethical standards and promote diversity and resilience to support our firm’s performance and health.

Our practice heads put our clients first, with a relentless focus on our delivery team to help them achieve the extraordinary. Our team makes an impact on clients – they deliver positive, enduring change to our clients.

Lifescience Dynamics has established itself as a high-quality and best-in-class service. We do not have off-shore operations in low-wage countries like India, China, and the Philippines.


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