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Winner of the prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise 2023 and Queens Award for Enterprise 2016; Lifescience Dynamics is a decision support firm providing the world’s top 25 largest life sciences companies (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical devices) with strategic insight and foresight to improve their assumptions, enabling them to make better decisions.

Lifescience Dynamics works across five practice areas: Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Market Access and Strategic Advisory. The company’s success is attributed to its multinational team who work together in a collaborative and nurturing environment, where they can develop their skills and advance their careers.

Founded in 2004, Lifescience Dynamics has its headquarters in London and an office in Toronto, as well as virtual offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Vancouver.


Brand promise

We convert insight into foresight

Our mission

Lifescience Dynamics is a values-based strategic decision support consultancy that provides the highest level of customer experience by investing in exceptional people.

Our vision

Lifescience Dynamics is the premier trusted healthcare consultancy that provides both traditional and innovative solutions to shape clinical, commercial, investment, and brand strategies.

Our purpose

We help our clients create a healthier world.

Our values and principles

We embrace the values of conscious capitalism and believe in sharing success. As a values-driven company, our eight core principles include:

  • 01

    High ethical standards

  • 02

    Excellent customer experience

  • 03

    Strong family culture

  • 04

    A focus on the bigger picture, not just financial metrics

  • 05

    Equality and fairness

  • 06

    Respect for all individuals

  • 07

    Entrepreneurial spirit

  • 08

    Being impactful to our clients

A copy of our company-wide CI Code of Conduct and Ethics policy is available upon request. Contact us at info@lifesciencedynamics.com

Code of ethics

Our code of ethics serves as a guide to the everyday professional conduct of our staff.

  • We only promise what the Company expects to deliver and make commitments the Company intends to keep. We do not knowingly mislead others and do not participate in or condone corrupt or unacceptable business practices.
  • We treat people according to merit and contribution, refrain from coercion and never deliberately do harm to anyone.
  • We use Company assets only for furthering Company business and do not seek personal gain through abuse of position in the Company.
  • We comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations (including GAAP) in each jurisdiction in which the Company operates.
  • Company will act in accordance with the US, Canadian and UK Governments’ Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.
  • Employees are recruited, selected, developed and advanced on merit irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical challenge, religious belief or nationality.
  • Company will seek to conduct its activities in such a manner that, consistent with its goals, there is no or minimal damage to the environment.
  • It is the personal responsibility of each Covered Officer to adhere to the foregoing policies.
  • We only undertake 100% legal and ethical projects.
  • We never disclose the name of clients.
  • We do not pay honoraria for CI work.
  • We work within the standard of each of our client’s compliance guidelines such as AE reporting (Adverse Event) or Fair Market Value for MR or MA honoraria.
  • We follow strict legal and ethical guidelines. such as stipulated by various professional bodies: MRS, EphMRA, SCIP, Intellus, ESSOMAR

Code of conduct

We aspire to bring the highest standards and level of integrity to each of these business activities through the following conduct:

  1. We will be fair and truthful in our relations with our clients, co-workers and suppliers.
  2. We will be enlightened, aware of and responsive to the changing world in which we reside.
  3. We will be responsible and exemplary citizens and constructive members of the various communities of which we are a part.
  4. We will constantly strive to improve upon all that we do.
  5. We will conduct our business in a manner that will enable us to take pride in our efforts and in the services which we provide.
  6. We will act in a manner that will earn the respect and esteem of all concerned.
  7. We regard as imperative the financial success, stability and growth of our business in consonance with the above principles.

Brand values

thought partner

Lifescience Dynamics is the gold standard for ‘always going beyond obvious’ – challenging the status qou, navigating complex challenges’ for its clients. Our team will always fight the client’s corner as an extension of the client’s own internal team.

Authentic, honest
and transparent

At Lifescience Dynamics, we place ethics and values at the centre of our work. Authenticity, honesty and transparency are part of our DNA and key to the way we work.


Lifescience Dynamics has established itself as a high-quality and best-in-class service. We do not have off-shore operations in low-wage countries like India, China, and the Philippines.

Diversity, inclusion, fairness and equality

Diversity is not distinct from enhancing overall quality—it is integral to achieving it. Since our inception in 2004, we have a deep and longstanding commitment to equality, fairness, equity and justice. This includes advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our firm.

We are firm believers that when groups of intelligent individuals are working to solve hard problems, the diversity of the problem solvers matters more than their individual abilities.

Our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion is key to building world-class teams. We hire and promote people based on their exceptional talents, performance and potential. Our hiring, reward and promotion policies are driven by data and merit.

Commitment to humanity & environment

Respecting people’s dignity and their inherent rights constitutes an essential requirement of action that Lifescience Dynamics connects to its commitment to promote and preserve the well-being of the different social elements in which it carries out its business.

We ensure human rights are respected in all our activities, and in our business relationships. We identify and assess the potential impacts on human rights before undertaking a new activity or starting a business relationship.

We strive to minimise our impact on the environment. In doing so we have introduced the following initiatives:

  • Offering electric vehicle salary sacrifice for the UK employees
  • We choose efficient transportation to our business meetings
  • Minimising travel and use of virtual meetings
  • Choose efficient transportation to our business trips such as train versus flying to nearby destinations and using non-stop flights.
  • Buying only energy-efficient office equipment – laptops, monitors, displays and printers
  • Turning off lights with motion-sensitive switches/lights and complete shutdown of office equipment at the close of each day
  • Encouraging paperless working practices
  • All paper sourced from accredited sustainable suppliers

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