Steve is based in the San Francisco office as an Engagement Manager. He is involved in all three practice areas with a particular emphasis on CI, conference coverage and competitive simulations. He is experienced across various therapeutic areas including rheumatology, respiratory, neurology, rare diseases and biosimilars. As part of his experience, Steve has covered multiple disease related congresses, collecting primary intelligence, capturing sessions, analysis, synthesis and drawing implications. As an Engagement Manager at Lifescience Dynamics, he is predominantly involved in project management, client engagement management, and is also part of a team committed to developing high impact and executable global strategies.

Steve has previously spent a year working with AstraZeneca’s R&D team, specialising in COPD. He holds a PhD in molecular biology from Royal Holloway University London, where he investigated potential novel mechanisms involved in bitter taste perception. Steve also holds a BSc in Medical Sciences from the University of Leeds.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys getting out of the country and travelling to new places, trying different foods and taking part in sports.

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