Our Story

In 2004, as the founder of Lifescience Dynamics, Rafaat had a vision of what would make an effective global decision support service. It would have to be the very best in its class for market research, competitive intelligence and market access, combined with first-rate people and a business model that met our clients’ global insight and foresight requirements. Rafaat wanted to deliver a unique service model that had not been available to the market previously, giving our clients a new and interesting way to manage their market, competitor and payer requirements.

As the company began to grow, we understood more about the various challenges clients face in terms of cost-cutting and time restrictions. This inspired us to offer a range of solutions, including consultative project management, user-friendly and graphically rich reports, and MR, CI and MA P&R as standalone or integrated concepts. Our new services helped our clients manage their research more efficiently using three key tools created by Rafaat: iAdBoard, Intelliportal and Qoncept.

Our company values our esteemed clients and partners, and our incredible staff are the backbone of our growth and success.

If you are just being introduced to Lifescience Dynamics Ltd., we invite you to learn more about our company and join us on our journey.

Our Values

Our purpose

Working with our clients towards a healthier world.

Our mission

Our mission is to become the decision support partner of choice for life science companies. We strive to provide the highest level of customer experience and deliver actionable recommendations based on solid research, using the critical thinking of our exceptional people and our vast experience in the life science industry.

Our brand promise

We understand. We excel. We deliver.

Our values

We are a values-driven company and our seven core values include the following:

  1. Delivering impactful projects to our clients
  2. Creating an excellent customer experience
  3. Complying with the highest ethical standards
  4. Understanding and respecting all individuals
  5. Upholding a strong family culture
  6. Always looking at the bigger picture, not just financial metrics
  7. Promoting an entrepreneurial spirit within the company

A copy of our company-wide CI Code of Conduct and Ethics policy is available upon request.

Our Brand

A Neuron to symbolise intelligence and the sharing of information

Purple – the colour of the first synthetic organic chemical dye that helped transform medicine
Grey – a symbol for grey matter, again linking to the brain
Red – the colour of blood
Blue – the colour of veins

One stop for MR, CI, Forecasting
and Consulting. Consulting – MA,

Positioned as an innovative
company new and complex MR